FNPR President

Mikhail Shmakov

Heads of trade union organisations in the Russian Federation of all levels


Dear Mikhail Viktorovich,

Dear heads of Russian trade union organisations all levels,

 Ukrainian trade unions of oil and energy sector are appealing to you as the most numerous non-governmental organisation that plays very important role in the civil society in Russia and represents millions of Russian workers.

 Ukrainian and Russian trade unions often identify themselves as non-political organisations that protect professional rights and interests of workers. But the protection of professional workers’ rights is only part of the trade union responsibilities. First of all, “everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person” (Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

 Many citizens of Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts in Ukraine are deprived of these rights as the result of the actions committed by terrorists most of whom are Russian citizens and are controlled by the Kremlin.

 In Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts, for the period of military activities hundreds of peaceful citizens have been killed, over 600 enterprises have been destroyed, terrorists have performed hundreds explosions on Ukrainian railways, tens of bridges have been ruined.

 Besides, the first “humanitarian convoy” of the Russian Federation violating all international norms entered our territory without any permission and took away equipment of some Ukrainian military enterprises.

 Ukrainian Army, National Guard and all the patriots of Ukraine stood up to protect the Motherland. But now they have to fight both with terrorists and Russian regular troops.

 Today Russian mothers are also receiving “Cargo 200”. Over two thousand Russian soldiers have returned home in coffins. For what values did they give their lives?

 This war takes the best representatives of Ukrainian and Russian nations. They are children born in independent states of Ukraine and Russia. And all this is taking place with inexcusable silence of Russian trade unions.

 Our soldiers are protecting their Motherland, Ukraine, but what are Russian soldiers doing on our Ukrainian land? For what purpose are the most modern Russian weapons delivered to Ukraine?

 We ask the trade union organisations of al levels: enterprise trade union committees, district, oblast, territorial trade union associations, and first of all, sectoral trade unions and the FNPR Presidium to ask the President of the Russian Federation two simple things:

 - to withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine;

 - to stop supporting the terrorist organisations of DNR and LNR with arms and mercenaries.

 Ukraine doesn’t need neither military nor humanitarian “aid” from the Russian Federation.

 That is in your power to help save priceless lives of Russian young people. Their mothers will be very grateful to you for this. And we will thank you for saving lives of our Ukrainian children.

 Young people of the 21st century are born to build a new modern humanitarian society, not to be thrown in the abyss of the Medieval turmoil!!!

 We ask you to publish this Appeal on the websites of your organisations, in trade union mass media and other information resources.

 Hoping for understanding and solidarity support,

Valeriy Matov

Trade Union of Nuclear Industry Workers of Ukraine

Sergiy Shyshov

Trade Union of Energy Workers of Ukraine

Volodymyr Dmytryshyn

Trade Union of Oil and Gas Industry Workers of Ukraine

22.09.2014. Open letter to Russian Trade Unions from Ukrainian Trade Unions of oil and energy sector

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