07 October, YEREVAN 

On 7 October 2016, in the concert hall of Yerevan Arno Babajanyan, the Republican Branch Union of Professional Organisations of Workers of State Enterprises, Municipal Authorities and Public Service of Armenia celebrated the 85th anniversary of the State Employees’ Union of Armenis. The celebration of the 85th anniversary was dedicated to the World Day for Decent Work. 

The event was attended by trade union activists, leaders of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia, representatives of republican sectoral trade unions, social partners, international trade union associations including the EPSU Sub-regional Secretary Vasyl Shylov, the Vice-President of the MTAU International Federation of Trade Unions of State Employees and Public Services Workers Nikolai Gavva. 

In her speech, the President of the Union Anahit Asatryan spoke about challenges and achievements of the Union in the recent years. She noted that all this time the Union has been working to increase membership, strengthen financial basis, improving its image, creation of a youth wing,  struggled for increasing civil servants’ wages and social benefits and their fair settlement, decent living and working conditions of civil servants and municipal workers in different regions of Armenia. A. Asatryan presented the brochure For Decent Life on the Union’s today activity describing new ways of trade union work: street actions, use of social networks, media, etc. 

Trade union activists were awarded with jubilee Diplomas of Merit of the Union.

Eduard Tumasyan, President of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia welcomed the participants. He noted symbolism the Civil Servants’ Union is celebrating its anniversary on 7 October – the day the trade unions all over the world are promoting decent work, and told how the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia is promoting decent jobs, safety at work, social security, indexing wages, reduction of informal employment. 

E. Tumasyan also awarded particularly distinguished leaders of primary trade union organisations with the Diplomas of Merit and the Badge of Honour of the CTUA. The President of the Union A. Asatryan was also awarded with the Badge of Honour of the CTUA. 

V. Shylov, EPSU Sub-regional Secretary, informed the participants on greetings from the EPSU General Secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan already published in the brochure For Decent Life, and conveyed the greetings from the State Employees’ Union of Ukraine. Members of the Union’s Presidium Anush Asatryan and Margarita Petrosya emphasized importance of attracting new members and strengthening the Union’s unity.  

At the end of the meeting, A. Asatryan called the participants to express their attitude to situation in the country. In response, the following signs were raised ‘We Demand Decent Work’, ‘We are For Tax Justice, ‘We Want Peace’, etc. 
A. Asatryan noted that one of the main causes of social discontent was reluctance of authorities to listen to workers and their representatives’ opinion, trade unions, and in spite of the new government declared its readiness to change current difficult economic situation, largely nothing changed. Yet the government is still not ready to listen to the workers. A. Asatryan said ‘We provide 30% of the budget, and we have the right to demand respect for our rights and interests’. She called the government not to turn public services into business and stop to use the pain of dismissal as a sword of Damocles. 

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